Tired of suffering from itchy, red eczema?

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Our group coaching program starts on the week of June 12th!

(Enrolment closes on June 9th)

Are you or a loved one suffering from eczema and are you feeling defeated because it feels like it will ever end?

Are you tired of covering up your flare up's, hiding your rashes & scared of people seeing your real skin?

Do you feel like you need help, but you don't know where to start?

I've been there.

I know how tough it is.

And I understand how stressful it can be if you or a loved one is suffering from this. I've struggled with really severe eczema for most of my life, and I want to help you & give you my personalized support on your journey.


  • Do you wake up frustrated everyday that you live with eczema?
  • Do you live in deep fear that you might never heal from it?
  • Are you discouraged that healing is taking so long to happen?
  • Are you upset that nothing's working on your skin?

Maybe your eczema is bothering you so much that you’re tired of being constantly itchy - only to find out that nothing seems to be working.

I remember the pain of hiding from people. The fear of their judgment. The never ending cycle of panic & anxiety that my skin would never heal.

I was disgusted at my own skin. I couldn't bear to look at myself in the mirror. I would turn off the lights in the washroom every night so I wouldn't need to look at myself.

In fact, the "before" picture taken below was at my prom - and my heart sank with embarrassment after seeing these photos.

Not only was I physically in pain, but I was also in deep emotional pain.

Copy of conqueror icon 1

If you’ve felt alone in this, or you need someone to understand you and teach you how to deal with eczema, I am here to help you.

  • Being able to live without any eczema rashes, itchiness, or flare ups…
  • Being able to wear that t-shirt that you’ve been afraid to wear for so long…
  • The look on your friends & family’s faces when they see your healing happen…
  • Waking up each morning to see your wounds and scars healing…

Why should I join?

I've been working on putting together this academy for close to 2 years, because I want to see you heal.

You’re incredibly worth it.

I've helped countless other people get better, and I want to give you hope that you can too!

Here is a testimony from the program:

"Hi Abby, I want to thank you for your programme. It really helped me to heal tremendously. I just love your guides and encouragement to heal eczema naturally without steroids. I managed to heal within 50 days. Despite all the TSW that was hell, I managed them well with all your guides and support throughout the program. Thank you very much Abby." - Fuzah

Here are a few more testimonies that I've received from my site:

I’m worth it and I want to sign up

How can the Conqueror Eczema Academy help you?

Group Coaching Program:

For the first time ever, I will be offering an 8 week group coaching program for those who are going through a hard time and suffering with eczema.

Myself and an experienced Holistic Empowerment Coach, Marsha Parsons, will be working with you and others who are experiencing eczema.

You will have access to all 50+ video teachings (taught by a naturopath, nutritionists, skin expert, eczema makeup artist and a personal trainer).

In addition to my video teachings, Marsha and I will be offering live group coaching calls every 2 weeks to offer you words of wisdom, encouragement, healthy, holistic advice, and a LIVE Q&A, to help you overcome your current situation with eczema.

We will be addressing the areas of your skin that concern you, and teach you how to improve your skin when you're feeling emotionally or physically "stuck", lost, and not sure what to do next.

Having eczema isn't easy. And if you've always wanted someone to walk with you on your journey personally, we are here to offer you our hand to journey in this with you.

Join now before enrolment closes on June 9.

Group coaching will begin on the week of June 12th.



I’m going to show you strategies to eat right for clear skin, make-up tips, customized eczema-friendly work outs, the right supplements to take, and what to use on your skin, in order to achieve rapid results.

Myself (and several other practitioners) will also show you why our solutions work, how your gut and digestive system create eczema, why we’re using the strategies we’re using, & how you can find long-lasting healing.

Most importantly - you'll learn how to fall in love with yourself, feel confident & secure, because your self worth will no longer depend on what you look like.

There are practitioners & programs out there that address the physical side of getting rid of eczema, but this this one goes in depth to teach you how to heal your skin from a well-rounded approach, from the inside out.

I want to sign up

Imagine having it all...

Picture yourself having...

The clear soft skin on every inch of your face and body. The confidence.

The ability to wear whatever you want, whenever you want - without having to hide or be afraid of what others might think of you.

Not feeling disgusted at yourself - but loving every inch of your skin and body.

Not having to wake up in pain or in flare up's.

Best of all, feeling empowered because your eczema is gone from your life for good. And not having to rely on anyone else for beautiful skin.

You can have the skin of your dreams, naturally, and 100% on your terms. And it starts here.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Kick-start your skin transformation with expert teachings, workout routines, and recipes to supercharge your healing and give you lasting results.
  • Defeat your doubts, discouragements, insecurities, and regain your confidence.
  • Go from feeling frustrated at your problematic skin to finding solutions to get glowing clear skin
  • Take control of your skin and your life - without feeling the guilt or shame at your dry, flaky skin

Your healing journey in this academy will be guided and taught by some of the most knowledgable practitioners & experts in eczema, including a naturopath, nutritionists, a make-up artist, teachers, and even a personal trainer.

I want to sign up

What can I expect from this academy?

In the academy, I’m going to teach you eczema secrets and tips, including:

  • Why eczema happens in your life & not others
  • Secrets to detoxification to help you reduce eczema inflammation
  • The best skin care tips for eczema to help your skin glow
  • How choosing the right foods & supplements can help supercharge and speed up your healing
  • Customized eczema-friendly workout videos
  • Tricks to hydrate your skin from the inside out
  • Tricks on how to support your emotions so that it can help your eczema heal

Plus (for the ladies), our makeup artist, Carley Simandl, will teach you eczema-friendly makeup tips & tricks.

I want to sign up

Here's What You Get When You Become an Academy Member

8 coaching modules

You'll receive access to a new module each week with a new topic. All of the modules cover well-rounded topics. ($800 value)

Full meal plan & healthy recipes

A full 7 day meal plan with over 25 recipes & a grocery shopping list (Value: $200)

Private Facebook Community Support

You’ll get a safe space for support, feedback and connection with other eczema sufferers. (Priceless)

Access to PDF worksheets & a helpful resource page

(Value: $100)

Eczema Self-Assessment Form

A self-awareness and improvement tracker to help you monitor your progress before and after. (Value: $50)

24/7 lifetime access to all course materials

Materials to watch/read over and over again to gain knowledge (Priceless)

50+ videos

These videos are led by 6 expert teachers to equip you with knowledge and in-depth teachings on eczema. ($1200 value)

Customized workout plans and 20+ fitness videos

You'll receive eczema-friendly customized workout routines that can easily be followed at home (Value: $800)

Expert teachings by 6 experts

You’ll get to learn from special experts like a naturopath, nutritionists, teachers, a make-up artist, and even a personal trainer who share their best knowledge to help you conquer eczema. These expert teachers give insider tips to help you strategically conquer eczema. (Value: $1000)

Foods list & Grocery shopping list

Our cheat sheet shows you what to buy, what to avoid, and what you can splurge on (Value: $100)

Convenient Grab & Go Training

Each video is only 5-15 minutes in length to make learning easier. You can even take it with you on the go and watch/listen from your computer, tablet or smartphone! (Priceless)

(That’s a $4750 value program that you can get access to!)

I’m worth it and I want to sign up

You’ll be guided by practitioners & experts who want to help you overcome eczema

We want to help you kick your eczema to the curb!

This is why you'll be guided & taught by some of the most knowledgable practitioners & experts in eczema, including a naturopath, nutritionists, a make-up artist, teachers, and even a personal trainer.

We want to help you overcome this.

Abby Lai - Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Founder of Prime Physique Nutrition

Abby is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of Prime Physique Nutrition, where she shares resources on natural eczema remedies through blog posts, eBooks, and videos. She’s also the creator of The Eczema Podcast, which was the first ever podcast that was solely dedicated to sharing natural eczema remedies.

She’s also the author of several eczema eBooks, such as Healing Eczema: Why Dieting Is Not Enough. After overcoming very severe eczema for over 15 years, she is incredibly passionate about using her experiences and knowledge to help educate others on natural remedies for eczema.

Dr. Jason Lee - Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Holistic Allergist

After overcoming severe eczema, Jason Lee has become a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Iridologist and Registered Holistic Allergist, who has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as an expert. Jason runs a busy practice called Innermedica and also lectures internationally to health professionals.

Jason is a keynote speaker for the Functional Medicine Clinical Series and the Institute of Natural Health Technologies which educates medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors and other health care professionals. Jason received the prestigious Dr. Shimon Levytam Award for his exceptional clinical and academic performance as well as the Naturopathic Honour for Student Leadership and Achievement.

Carley Simandl - Make-up artist, holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, and beauty expert

Carley Simandl has 15 years and over 10,000 hours of working directly with the skin as a Make-up Artist. In 2009, Carley attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Now, combining the best of both worlds, Carley focuses on beauty through healthy choices food, clean cosmetics and lifestyle.

Carley has effective protocols now for clients with eczema, psoriasis, scarring, pre-mature aging/sun spots, dark/puffy under eye, acne, sun spots and cellulite. She uses a tailored approach to each client through topical and internal remedies from head to toe.

Jennifer Papaconstantinou - Clinical Nutritionist, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner & Darkfield Microscopist

Jennifer Papaconstantinou CNP, NNCP, RNT is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and an Instructor for The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

When her first daughter was born, Jennifer successfully helped her daughter heal from eczema and subsequently helped her come off of 10 medications.

In addition to graduating with First-Class Honours and Valedictorian, she continues to train with world renowned Premier Research Labs, Seroyal, Edison Institute of Nutrition and Centennial College. Jennifer currently runs a successful clinical practice,  where she operates online and in-person consultations.

Michelle Corso - Certified Personal Trainer and a Sports Nutritionist

Michelle from Purely Twins is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, recipe builder, and a fitness & lifestyle coach for women all over the world. She helps them find balance, happiness, and confidence through fitness, positive mindset, self-love, and real food.

She suffered from severe eczema for several years and has been able to overcome it (see her interview on episode 11 of The Eczema Podcast). Now she loves helping others who are struggling with the same thing so that she can inspire others to love their bodies.

Jennifer Roberge - Eczema Product Expert & Founder of The Eczema Company

Jennifer Roberge is your go-to expert for eczema-related products and she's also the founder of The Eczema Company, a company that is dedicated to selling natural products for eczema.

Propelled to find a solution for her son’s struggles with eczema, allergies and asthma, Jennifer established herself as the go-to resource on integrative and holistic methods and healing both inside and out. She helps empower kids and families dealing with the daily stress of eczema. You can watch her interview on episode 1 of The Eczema Podcast.

Are you ready to get clearer skin?



24/7 Lifetime Access to all Course Materials

8 Weeks of Group coaching 

Expert video teachings by 6 teachers

Eczema Self-Assessment form

Food Journal & Grocery Shopping List

7 Day Menu Plan & Foods List

28 Delicious Recipes

Facebook Support Group Community

Access to first 4 Modules (20+ videos)

Access to all 8 Modules (over 50+ videos in total)

Access to 20+ Fitness Videos & Home Workout Plans

Access to a total of 30+ more videos and worksheets (than

the first 4 modules)

Downloadable Form to Write Your Own Prescription to Healing

Group Coaching Payment



Join now before enrolment closes on June 9.

Group coaching will begin on the week of June 12th.


Still not sure if the program can help you
and if you can afford it?

Here are a list of other items that are more expensive than a basic level membership to the Conqueror Eczema Academy:

A Consultation with me

My fee for a consultation and follow-up consultation is more expensive than the price of group coaching for this course. Since this course also contains teachings from 6 expert guest instructors - you’re getting even more bang for your buck.

1 Month of Lattes

Lattes are on the low end of $4. Even if you only had one latte a day, for 25 days out of the month, you’d be looking at paying $100/month.

Going Out for Lunch

If you're going for lunch, then you may be looking at spending at least $10 each time. This means that even if you went out 10 times a month, it would be more expensive the price of this online course.

Going Out for Drinks

Who doesn’t love a good drink or night out?

But truth is, drinks can easily add up – even if you’re only out a few times a night each month!

It’s time to make yourself a priority today.

Health is your greatest wealth, and not putting it first is also saying that your health isn’t worth it. 

Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

I’m worth it and I want to sign up

Knowledge is empowering and I hope that putting together this course for you will help you realize how worth it you are - and not to give up on healing your skin.

We are ready to help you overcome this.

Are you?


This course is 100% digital. Nothing will be mailed to you.